Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreats

Admission to first retreat is FREE for members!

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You're invited to join us for our virtual Plant Based Wellness & Herbal Healing Retreat focused on improved choices that benefit our health and environment. Our retreats are an extensive journey of plant based wellness, self care, mindfulness, community building, holistic therapies, and so much more!

Admission is complimentary for all of our Dandy Wellness Members, however for the first time ever we're gifting everyone in our community one month access to our virtual retreat. Soooo we'd like to welcome you to our community, sign up below using code: SPEAKLIFE and tune in on Saturday, August 28th for a virtual adventure your whole family can enjoy!

Your Instructor

Rebekah Ortiz
Rebekah Ortiz

Owner of integrative wellness business, Detox Dandy. Certified Plant Based Specialist, National Speaker, Self Care Retreat Planner, Social Media Influencer and Community Organizer. Creator of the nationally recognized Overall Health & Wellness Program.

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